• #1
    Capture HD and Slow motion video with your iPhone
  • #2

    Record and track your tour and store data
    like speed, altitude, acceleration...

  • #3

    Capture videos up to 8MP and 1080p, and
    reproduce them in super slow motion (120fps)

  • #4
    Use BraveCam to record all your sports activities
  • #5
    Make your own case with a 3D printer

[Step 1]

Download the app in your iPhone 5/5c/5s. You can do it using the following link: BraveCam AppStore

[Step 2]

Record with the app a spectacular video sequence doing your favorite sport (bike, rafting, snow, moto, car…)

[Step 3]

Take advantage of the powerful BraveCam app to create a video sequence with real time and SlowMotion scenes.

[Step 4]

Send us the final video to:
Don’t forget to tell us the iPhone model you have used.
The 10 best videos will receive
a BraveCam app full licence
Terms and conditions
Sending the video
Yo can send us the video by using services like WeTransfer, Mega or other storage system you consider.
Then generate a link and send it to us. If you do so, the maximum file size will be 200 MB.
Using YouTube
You can also upload the recorded video to YouTube and send us the direct link by email. Here there will be no maximum file size limitation. It will only depends on the YouTube policy.
Showing the Overlay
The sent video must show the BraveCam interface Overlay, so we can see parameters like speed or elapsed time. This is watermarked when exporting the video from withing the app.
Saving the original video
The winners must be in possession of the original video (without being compressed or edited by third party software), so they can send it to us in order to include the winner videos in the BraveCam YouTube channel.
Promotional code
The winners will receive a unique promotional code to download the full app, without restrictions of any type.
The promotional code will be valid for 2 weeks from it’s delivery and will be subjected to the terms of use of iTunes and Apple.
The full licence app will not reveive updates.
Contest duration
The videos can be delivered until September 30, 2014.
Modifications of terms and conditions
The terms and conditions of the contest can suffer modifications. If there is any change it will be notified in the website. In that case, the awards will be changed for similar ones.