• #1
    Capture HD and Slow motion video with your iPhone
  • #2

    Record and track your tour and store data
    like speed, altitude, acceleration...

  • #3

    Capture videos up to 8MP and 1080p, and
    reproduce them in super slow motion (120fps)

  • #4
    Use BraveCam to record all your sports activities
  • #5
    Make your own case with a 3D printer

BraveCam case for iPhone

Download the file to print with a 3D printer the special iPhone 5/5S case designed to take the most of the possibilities of the BraveCam app.
Don’t know where to print in 3D? We suggest you some places in our website: FAQ > BraveCam Case.

User guide (in PDF format)

Everything you need to know about the app interface, with simple explanations about the different functionalities of the three main section screens.