• #1
    Capture HD and Slow motion video with your iPhone
  • #2

    Record and track your tour and store data
    like speed, altitude, acceleration...

  • #3

    Capture videos up to 8MP and 1080p, and
    reproduce them in super slow motion (120fps)

  • #4
    Use BraveCam to record all your sports activities
  • #5
    Make your own case with a 3D printer
  • iOS 7 or above
  • iPhone 5 or above
Visual data
  • Battery status display
  • GPS Signal status display
  • Video resolution to be recorded
  • FPS from recorded video
  • AutoFocus status
  • Recording estimated time
  • Energy saving with an automatic switch off backlight screen
  • GPS resolution figures
  • Start/Stop sound alerts
  • Video recording resolution:
  •           - 1280 x 720 30 FPS
              - 1280 x 720 (iPhone 5S – 120 FPS, iPhone 5 – 60 FPS, iPhone 5 and 5S – 30 FPS)
              - 1920 x 1080 30 FPS

  • Tracking Mode (video disabled)
  • Settable distance and speed units (feet/m o kph/mph)
  • Language (English, Mandarin Chinese* and Spanish*)
  • Computer vision and Intelligent IMU based interface controllers. There is no need to touch the phone!
  • Manual and auto focus
Video playback
  • With or without slow motion (Video/Audio)
  • Accelerometer synchronization display also with slow motion
  • Analog/Digital speed synchronization display also with slow motion
  • Altitude synchronization display also with slow motion
  • Compass synchronization display also with slow motion
  • Elapsed time synchronization display also with slow motion
Recording and on screen display tracking with:
  • Videos with geolocation
  • GPS coordinates, latitude and longitude
  • Relevant position landmarks with data and time, as:
  •           - Start/End points
              - Maximum speed
              - Maximum and minimum altitude
              - Maximum acceleration, and much more…

  • Export your tracks to KML and GPX* file formats and track display with Google Earth
  • Share your favorites KML tracks (logs) by email
  • Video export with overlay images with analog and digital speed, altitude, elapsed time, 3 axis accelerations and compass data.

* Future features