• #1
    Capture HD and Slow motion video with your iPhone
  • #2

    Record and track your tour and store data
    like speed, altitude, acceleration...

  • #3

    Capture videos up to 8MP and 1080p, and
    reproduce them in super slow motion (120fps)

  • #4
    Use BraveCam to record all your sports activities
  • #5
    Make your own case with a 3D printer
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Does the app allow reducing the video quality?

Because BraveCam aims to show the quality of the video captured by the iPhone, it is not allowed to reduce its quality through the app itself.

Is it normal that the iPhone’s battery life decreases using the BraveCam app?

Yes, it’s normal. BraveCam uses the full potential of the A7 and A8 chip processors, due to the intensive use of all its hardware like GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, 120 fps recording, WiFi, GPRS, DSP computer vision, etc.

Is it normal that the BraveCam app takes more time than usual when managing long duration video files (larger than 10 minutes)?

Yes, it’s normal. BraveCam recommends not to overcome 10 minutes in every recording. Keep in mind that a 120fps 10 minutes video has more than 72.000 images at 720p, which means a large number of information to process, synchronizing the video with data, graphs, exports… BraveCam has an automatic system which stops the recording before the iPhone runs out of memory, to make sure the video is recorded successfully. There is no software limitation regarding the duration of the video.

Is BraveCam compatible with the accessories of GoPro?

Yes. BraveCam has been developed to be fully compatible with all the accessories of GoPro.

Where can I download the case for printing?

You can download it for free from:

The license is Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (by-nc-sa):
You may not use the original material for commercial purposes. If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

How can I make the BraveCam case if I don’t have a 3D printer?

You can print it using the services from:


BraveCam doesn’t trade with this product. Costs are inherent in the manufacture of the third parties responsible for performing the 3D print work.

Where can I buy the wide angle lens for the case?

You can purchase any wide angle lens compatible with your iPhone. We recommend the Osino model, because of its good value for money.
The lens we use can be purchased at a very good price on eBay, like the one that is available from this link.